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Stop Selling Donated Items and Cherry Picking to Victims

Please Be Responsible and Kind Hearted


Tons of food and clothing are been transported to the victims to flood affected states. We know many NGO’s and Volunteers are down to help. We are proud to see the service been done by our nations.

Yet, there are few black sheep who are taking advantage on this sad moment to make money to the extreme level. We have got reports that many volunteers are selling the items to victims for a very high price. Many villagers are stranded without supplies, electricity or cash to buy basics such as candles or canned food as roads remain cut off to all land transport in most parts of the state. In this state, how can donors sell things to victims?

Even as Malaysians from all walks of life donated massive amounts of food and daily essentials to flood victims, some are claiming they have not received any as village chiefs cherry picked recipients.

While authorities handling the rescue and aid distribution operations in Temerloh said they have enough resources to send supplies to evacuees as well as those trapped in their houses, hiccups at the village level are preventing some families from receiving them.

Housewife Muniamma Ramasamy said “Ample supplies had been given to the village chief to be distributed but her family as well as many others did not receive any as their names were “not on the list”.

In Malacca, the Chief Minister is enraged with a group of volunteers in the state who allegedly sold donated food and clothing meant for flood victims in east coast states. Datuk Seri Idris Haron said he had learnt that some members of the 1,000-strong voluntary group that had been engaged by Malacca to help in flood relief work since Dec 23 had profited from the donated goods by selling them to desperate victims of the disaster at inflated prices.

The culprits are believed to have sold instant noodles at RM4 to RM5 per pack, T-shirts at RM10 each and bottled water at a high price. They also allegedly charged between RM8 and RM20 for canned sardines and rice.

Idris said thousands of packs of instant noodles were donated by an Ayer Keroh-based food producer, one of the biggest contributors to the state’s humanitarian mission. He added that non-governmental organisations (NGOs) had brought in new clothing.

“These items were later sold to the victims by unscrupulous volunteers for profit. We know who these individuals are but I won’t name them for now,” he said after the opening the Inland Revenue Board’s Menara Hasil Melaka by Malacca Governor Tun Mohd Khalil Yaakob in Ayer Keroh yesterday.

It is learnt that the Chief Minister’s Office is gathering evidence before considering action against the errant volunteers after it was tipped off by representatives of some NGOs.

“Unfortunately, our noble intention has been sullied by these irresponsible people,” said Idris.

Malacca, he said, had sent some RM2.5mil worth of aid to the flood hit states, with the latest humanitarian trip sending goods worth close to RM300, 000.

iTimes here pleads to all who are in the mission of helping please do not miss use the authority given to you. Please be truthful to your responsibility as many quarters are busy distributing aid and channelling donations, do not sell them for your own profit and also politicise the goods for your close people.

In Tamil there is a saying, Vennai Vethaithavan Vennai Arupan, Thinnai Vithathavan Thinnai Arupan which means your actions all have consequences. Don’t ever be fooled into thinking that your actions don’t have consequences. Don’t think you can get away with bad choices even if you don’t seem to get caught. Remember verse seven tells us that God cannot be mocked. He sees it all. You reap what you sow.

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