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Only 13600 Students Enrolled in Tamil School

Only 100 Less Compared To Last Year


According to the Tamil School Action Plan, the enrolment in Year 1, 2015 is going up compared to the enrolment in 2014. The numbers are still being compiled from schools. As so far, it has already reach 13600 in year 1 which is only 100 less than 2014 which was 13700.

“As we all know, the registration will go on for few days and we should have the final numbers by this Friday,” said Prof Datuk Dr N.S. Rajendran.

Yet, we were surprised by the news that there is no Year One pupil at four Tamil schools in Johor. The schools are SJKT Ladang Gomali in Batu Anam, SJKT Ladang Niyor (Kluang), SJK (Tamil) Ladang Nordanal (Panchor) and SJKT Ladang Sungai Papan (Kota Tinggi).

The school teachers and headmasters are saying that they were worried about the future of their schools. The Government has given an assurance that Tamil schools with now enrolment will not be closed down.

Looking to a statement sometime ago by the MIC president Datuk Seri G. Palanivel, “This is the government’s promise to the Indian community, not a single Tamil school will be closed down.

He said such schools would instead be relocated to areas with higher Indian population densities.

“In fact, MIC will create more awareness so that more parents will send their children to Tamil schools,” he told reporters after distributing Pongal items to residents of Sri Pahang flats in Bukit Bangsar here Sunday.

Palanivel was responding to a question on the declining number of students in Tamil schools.

The number of students enrolled in Tamil schools has declined from about 97,000 in 2013 to 92,000 in 2014.

Palanivel, who is also Natural Resources and Environment Minister, stressed that MIC, would ensure the continued progress of the country’s 523 Tamil schools.

“The construction of seven new national-type Tamil primary schools will begin soon,” he said without elaborating on the time-frame.

As iTimes raised this question to public, “No enrolment in four schools is seriously a major issue that we have to think about it. It means that in 2020 there will not be any students sitting for UPSR in that particular school. This is very pathetic. We parents are now changing our direction to Tamil Schools yet the government still plays a major role of promoting the schools,” said Mrs Vangleswary, a parent.

“It’s funny to hear the MIC president said no schools will be shut down. Does he know what is happening around him? I also wonder when there are no students, from where are they going to get students for the upcoming new schools? Unless MIC starts Pelan Lahirkan Anak Masuk Sekolah Tamil,” said Mr Vel Murugan with a sarcastic laughter.

A teacher said, there are some schools with fewer students and no teachers and some with many students and no teachers. We hope the government can segregate evenly so that the learning process will go on smoothly. She also added that students are decreasing is because people are migrating to other places especially those who are living in rural areas, are moving to city. So automatically it will reduce the number of students.

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